Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions of the TMP Affiliate Program.

About Signing Up

Q1. What is an affiliate program?
A1. An Affiliate is a service which you post our sponsor site's advertisement banner (link) to your Website, and you can earn your reward each time the guest of your site registers to the objective site's service.
It is free to start, and anybody without any exception can start the business right away.
You can Sign Up here right now!
Q2. Do I need to give all my personal information upon sign up?
A2. Please inform us your mail address and Website url upon signing up. Other information including your bank account could be registered by the time you request for the reward.
Q3. Do I need to pay for this program?
A3. Signing up is absolutely free of charge.
Every service after signing up is costless. Hoever, we do collect $20 service charge while transacting your reward.
Q4. Can anybody join this program?
A4. Yes
Anyone regardless of individual or corporate personnel or despite your Website content, could join our Affiliate Program.

About Affiliate Operations and Systems

Q5. Are there any restrictions on posting banners?
A5. There are absolutely no restrictions.
You may post the banners on whichever site you own. Not only the banners offered from the sponsor sites, but you may also use your original banners as well!
Q6. Can I advertise on web sites besides the one I've registered?
A6. Yes
You do not need to register every sites you wish to advertise. Therefore, you may own the affiliate sites as much as you wish.
However, upon sign up, we would like to have one Website url where you will start up with.
Q7. Do the system works just by posting banners?
A7. Yes
All you need to do is just post the banner, and you will recieve up most 100% reduction for each of your site guest's subscription.
Not only the banners offerd from the sponsor sites, but also you may use your original banners or text links.
Q9. Are there any restrictions of advertising?
A9. Spamming, an antisocial manners are prohibited
Mailing a large indefinite number, news groups, or violating a local rule of these are regarded as a spam action.
Upon expose of these spam actions, we may delete your account and will not pay for your rewards.
Q10. How frequent does the click counts and sales counts updated on the summary page?
A10. The summaries are updated on real-time basis.

About Rewards

Q11. How does 'Monthly Fixed Charge' services reductions work?
A11. You will receive your reduction when your site guests has newly subscribed for the service, and also when your guest subscriber has sustained the service which generates a charge.
There are no time limit for recurring period. You will continuously receive your reward while your guest remains in the service.
Q12. Does the recurring charge also been reduced?
A12. Yes
Not only the newly subscribe but while your guest remains in the service, or pays for additional service, you will receive your reward permanently.
This is the great advantage of our Affiliate Program!
Q13. When does my reward been paid?
A13. You will receive your reward to your registered bank account on '10th of the month after next' of the day you have requested for.
Q14. What is the effect of the guest user moving on to one affiliate site to an another?
A14. It still counts as your achievement.
Our Affiliate System has our own tracking system which allows you to keep your guests traced along our sponsor sites.
Q15. Does the commission occur when the guests has subscribed in the futer days?
A15. Yes, with an exception.
You may receive your reward when your guest has subscribed the service during any time of 7 days period after your guest clicked the banner.
However, this may not appear when your guest has deleted the browser COOKIE intentionally.
Q16. Do I need to request for collecting the rewards?
After logging into the TMP Affiliate Site, you may find an Reward Request page, where you can request for the transaction.
You do not need to do the annoying calculations or filling up the invoice.
Q17. What is the limitation of recieving the rewards?
A17. You need at least $100 reward stocked in your account in order to request for the transaction. If your reward has not reached $100, your request will be carried over to incoming month.
Q18. How much information do you need for e-bank transfer?
A16. You do not need to fill up your personall information upon sign up, but if you are willing to receive your reward, you will need to fill up an information which is needed for bank transaction.
Q19. Can you transact the rewards outside US?
We can transact on any bank anywhere in the world.
Currently, this bank transaction is the only way to collect your reward.

Other Questions

Q20. How can I change my subscription information?
A20. You may change your information in the Subscriber Information page after logging into the TMP Affiliate Site.
Q21. How can I off subscribe?
A21. If you wish to off subscribe, you may do so from the 'Off Subscribe' link in 'Subscriber Information' page. There are cases TMP may off subscribe your account at our option when your account has no action for 3 months.

Any qustions which are not listed above, plese feel free to inquire us from Contact Form.

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