Term of Use

All affiliated partners are subject to agree to the following conditions. If any of the said prohibited conducts regarding (promotion) as referred below takes place, TMP reserves all rights to delete the subjected account and its sales. If no response is made when contacted by TMP in regards to the suspicion of violated conduct within 7 days TMP automatically withholds the rights to suspend any activities on the subjected ID.

No1. Over All

This Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to your participation as a member of the TMP Affiliate Program operated by The Mediaplanets (hereinafter, company, we or us). As used in this Agreement, applicant/you/your means the member who has read through this Term of Use, and agreed to participate as TMP Affiliate Program Membership.

No2. Service Refusal Condition

We have right to terminate the applicant's service which is an inappropriate advertising website.
The term 'inapropriate' here are deterimined by us, which we do not owe explanation.

No3. Responsibility of Operation

The applicant should take responsibility of the advertises posted in your website.
We do not acccept liability on any of this.

No4. Prohibited Actions

Applicants should not undertake prohibited actions listed below. Any prohibited actions revealed may face service termination penalty.

  • 1. Forcing or requesting your website guests to click the banner, regardless of the advertise.
       Or posting texts that might give a false impression to the guests.
  • 2. For sponsor server become strained, images and video samples can not link directly.
       If you use images and video samples, please use on your server.
  • 3. Create link to other site, Using images, the name of the sponsor sites.
  • 4. Copy of the source and comments on other sites to use your site.
  • 5. Executing cheat actions such as imitating a subscription which may generate rewards.
       Else, any false actions which may cause abusive rewards are regardes as cheat actions.
       These actions apply both to you and your assosiate.
  • 6. Spamming e-mails, advertising on public BBS, or violating local rules to offend others.
  • 7. Any of above but websites which accept as an inappropriate websites.

No5. Termination Penalty by Prohibited Actions

All your revenues will be deemed invalid, as well as your account will be terminated on our will.
If we may suffer a financial damage, we may file the damages suit against the applicant.

No6. Payment of Reward

  • 1. Computation Period: starting every beginning of the month to end of the month
  • 2. Payment Criteria: your total revenue excluding $20 of service charge must be more than $100 in
       order to apply for transaction
  • 3. Carry Over: while your total revenue does no reach the minimum amount, the request will be
       carried on to incomming month
  • 4. Apply for Transaction: applicants may request for transaction from member's area, and upon this
       request, we will execute your transaction process
  • 5. Payment Date: the transaction will be completed on the 10th ofnext month after the cutoff date
       of your request(end of the month).
       upon holidays or weekends, the transaction date may give or take some days.
       if any changes may occur, we will complete our notice by posting to the member's page.
  • 6. Extinguish the right of account balance if close your account.

7. Applicant's Unsubscribe

Applicants may unsubscribe anytime from member's area on your will.

8. Applicant's Termination

We may take an action of terminating the applicant's service anytime after an adnvanced notice.

9. Confidentiality

We will not disclose applicant's information to other person or organization. Like wise, applicants should not disclose any of information regarding our service.

10. Qualification of Applicant

Applicants should qualify below statements.

  • 1. that applicant should be in age 18 or over in US, or refer to your legal adult age in your region.
  • 2. that applicant should not fill in false information upon sign up.
  • 3. that applicant should not post false information on your website.
  • 4. that applicant should not have a record of forced termination.
  • 5. that applicant can maintain your courtesy upon communication with us.
  • 6. that applicant require constant affiliate with us.

No.11. Damage Discharge

We do not take responsibility upon applicants using our service wether it may be direct or indirect.
May the applicant cause a damage to other party, applicant should resolve the matter and we do not interfere with this.

No12. Nondisclosure Provision of Criteria

The refusals and prohibited actions may determined by us, and for security reasons, we do not disclose any of these information.
Applicants should not challenge for objections.

No13. Compliance with the Regulations

Applicants should be in age 18 or over in US, or refer to you legal adult age in your region.

No14. Update of Term of Use

This Term of Use and statements may be updated without advanced notice to the applicants.
The update will be noticed on member's area and the Terms of Use makes an effect right after.

No15. Reward of Applicants Referral Applicants

Applicants and referral applicants should not undertake prohibited actions listed below. Any prohibited actions revealed may face service termination penalty.

  • 1. Signing up with the same e-mail address
  • 2. Signing up from the same domain
  • 3. Signing up from the same bank account
  • 4. Signing up as a man,as business.
  • 5. Intentionally defrauding the reward
  • 6. Posting no banners after 1 week of signing up
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