TMP Affiliate Progam

Our Affiliate Program offers you an adult contents and programs, which is an advantage to assure you a high revenue.
Not only Newly Subscibers, but also Monthly Fixed Charges and Refferal Program guarantees a monthly profit.

One of Highest Rewards

Up most 70% reduction reward! That is high advantage of our Affiliate Program.

Site A 1 - 8%
Site V 1 - 10%
Site G (adult contents) 30 - 40%
TMP (adult contents) 50 - 70%

Recurring Member System

Most of our sponsor sites adopts a 'Monthly Fiex Charges'.
That is, not only the newly subscribers but while your guest remains in the service, or pays for additional service, you will continuously receive your reward every monthe.

Referral Program

We specialize on adult contents, because of its high reduce reward.
While common affiliate programs offers an average of 1 to 10% reduce, We offer you an overwhelming amount of 50 to 70%!!!

Respectful Support Tools

We offer you a manage system to support your advertising and accounts.

Member's Page

Our Affiliate Program is a ready to go system with a member's page with supporting tools such as advertising supports, and real-time account supports.
Account support system offers you to refer the rewards in multiple format and with search program. Real-time information is the key principle which we set up, of reliance between TMP and the affiliates.

High Grade Sites

Our sponsor sites are the ones of the highly regarded sites, offering wide varieties of attractive contents.

Adult Movie Download Services

We have been attracting customers by sponsoring sites with wide varieties of genres.
Wide spread of broad band infrastructure has gained a popularity in Japan, both for customers and for the content providers.

Our sponsor sites are specialized on 'Adult Contents Download'. These services are mainly based on Monthly Fixed Chares.

Wide Variety Genres

Our sponsor sites have wide range of genres such as general AV's, maniac Manga AV's, peeping AV's and etc.
Affiliates can choose whatever contents to advertise on your sites.

Wide Variety of Advertisements

We assist affiliators with wide variety of advertisements.
You may chose any types of ads which matches your websites.

Still Image Banner Most common image ads.
GIF Animated Banner Animated ads using GIF image.
FLASH Banner Animated ads using FLASH with plenty of information.
Movie Banner Movie ads including sample product.
Campaign Banner Image ads with campaign of sponsor site.
Auto Updated Banner Image ads that updates periodically.
Your Original Banner You may create your own banners.

About Original Banners

As long as you set up the links as directed, you may create your own banners in any types which also counts your reward. You may use the thumbnails, images, and sample movies from the sponsor sites accordingly.

Excellent Support

Your inquiries are handled by our professional staffs. Your suggestions of improvement will be also reviewed through every staffs, and upon determination, we would like to take an action as soon as possible.

Open BBS

Your questions and troubles are shared in the BBS which our staffs are willing to answer your inquiries as well as each affiliate members.

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