Income compare, Success story

Income compare

Annual salary Hours of work(Month) Hours of work(Year) Saraly
Employee $50,000 160 hours(8hoursx20days) 1920 hours(160 hoursx12 month) $26
Affiliater $28,000 20 hours(1hoursx20 days) 240hours(20hoursx12 month) $11

Success story

Affiliater Mr.T - Office worker

Why did you choose TMP Affiliate Service?

I have heard that using an affiliate service is a great way to make money. I found the Adult Affiliate programs by searching on line. Registration is free, so I decided to take a chance to use it.

What were the positives on choosing TMP Affiliate Service?

The commissions are great! Also, it is easy to monitor the current rewards by accessing the control panel.

How does TMP differ from other affiliate services?

TMP Affiliate Service pays better commissions than other non-adult or adult affiliate services. It motivates me more. Also, I noticed that TMP was making higher conversion rate when comparing to other affiliate services. I think it is because of their variety of banner images and many great websites.

Affiliater Mr.H - Student

What made you start using TMP Affiliate Service?

I wanted to make some extra money. In this bad economy, I cannot ask my parents for any more money. It is hard for me to make enough money with a part-time job. I was looking for a way to make more money online and found TMP Affiliate Service.

What is your goal in the future?

I wasn't totally sure if this was a good way to make money three months ago, but now I am taking it more seriously because commissions from TMP Affiliate Service have been consistent. I have a girl friend now and I make enough money to take her anywhere. I am happy that I started TMP Affiliate service. My next goal is to purchase a car and take my girl friend for a ride.

Affiliater Mr.K - Planning to run his own business

Have you ever heard of an affiliate service?

Yes. I used to be a Web Master at a former company, so I had knowledge of affiliate service at that time. For the past 5 years, I have been using a non-adult affiliate service as a side business and making a nice profit. My affiliate friends suggested that I should start using an adult affiliate service because of the high commissions.

How did you manage to increase the number of clicks ?

I created pages little by little. If you make one page a day, it will be 30 pages a month, and it will be 365 pages a year. I believe that the more information you have on your website, the more effective your SEO will be and the more customers you will bring in.

You are a web master, but why did you start affiliate business?

I used an adult affiliate service for 5 years as a side business. When I started I was only spending one hour a day managing my website. Eventually my commissions grew to more than my regular income. At that point, I decided to make this my regular business. Then I could afford to hire someone to manage my website for me. Thank you very much, TMP Affiliate Service.

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